Amelia Semaan has been passionate about movement since a very young age. She started figure skating and dancing at the age of 3, and now she's pursing her BFA in contemporary dance performance at California Institute of the Arts. She began her Pilates teacher certification through The Lab with Justine Malick in August of 2022 and is an ISSA certified personal trainer. She loves to combine her knowledge from Pilates and functional strength training to help people deepen their connection to their body. One of her core teaching philosophies is that moving the body in all of its modalities and capabilities in a way that's enjoyable will help foster a sustainable relationship with movement and exercise.

While she's only 21 years old, she has been fortunate to work with a wide variety of clients, whether it's professional dancers or peri-natal/postpartum moms, she created a program personalized to each individual student.

When she's not at the gym or the Pilates studio you can find her surfing, cooking, exploring new coffee shops and of course dancing. Some of her favorite exercises are bridging in all of its variations or modified pull ups performed on the reformer.