Anna Inuzuka has always enjoyed the pursuit of both mental and physical strength. She began her Pilates practice in 2006, while she was studying music. As she progressed, she found that the modality offered a way to systematically develop core strength and stability, improve posture, focus, and precision, and control the breath, all of which were crucial to her as an instrumentalist. She holds a BFA from the Boston Conservatory and an MFA from California Institute of the Arts, both in Music Performance. Although Anna ultimately decided not to pursue a career in music, she continued to practice pilates, deepening her knowledge and honing her skills over the years. In 2014 she began training to become a Pilates instructor under Master Trainer Maria Leone at Bodyline Pilates in Beverly Hills. In 2015 she earned her Comprehensive Pilates Certification covering all Pilates apparatus through the Balanced Body University training program and has been teaching full-time ever since. Anna is also a certified SFG I kettlebell instructor and loves how kettlebell workouts, which are also deeply focused on form and precision, complement Pilates.

Unlike the majority of Pilates instructors, Anna does not have a professional dance background or ballet training. Rather she came to the practice the same way many of her students do: searching for a workout that would improve her mental and physical well-being while being realistically compatible with daily life. This route has provided her with an expansive, non-exclusive perspective on the practice. She strongly believes that everyone can do Pilates, and has experience helping people of all different backgrounds, fitness levels, ages, and goals get stronger and move better. While Anna enjoys teaching group classes, she finds seeing the hard work and accelerated progress her students make in the private and semi-private environment at Gold Line Pilates uniquely rewarding. She provides her students customized, challenging programs that never sacrifice the mind-body connection and blends traditional exercises with contemporary variations and flow to enhance the workout and keep things fresh.

Pilates has been with Anna through many phases of her life, including pre- and post-natal. When she's not teaching or doing Pilates herself, she spends her time chasing her toddler around and occasionally satisfying her musical proclivities by playing in a Balinese Gamelan with her husband. She has experienced firsthand that Pilates is a modality that truly grows with you and that provides tangible benefits to its practitioners outside of the studio. Whatever your fitness goals, you are sure to see and feel results with Anna's focused, individualized programs.