Geri is the Jane of all Trades. As a little girl Geri desired to do many things: to be an actor, to fly helicopters, to be a Mother, to play roller derby, ride motorcycles, be a flight attendant, or a floral designer and to be a teacher to name a few. Geri's life pursuits have granted her all of her desires. It may be hard to believe that one could have experience in so many areas of life but to fully live one must say yes to the opportunities that arise. Now at a midpoint of life Geri is able to follow her true calling to teach. Pilates is the foundation to live a life with a "reserve of energy" " The Pilates Method teaches you to be in control of your body and not at its mercy." Joseph Pilates. Geri believes and embodies Joseph Pilates guiding principles and asks participants to join her on the Pilates practice to unlock your best self.

It is through the process of "doing" that understanding movement is derived. Geri has painted her own home, has refinished her own wood floors and designed and landscaped her own yard. Regular yard maintenance, childbirth, and roller derby revealed the changes in Geri's body that some call aging. Needing a way to reconnect and strengthen her body Geri turned to Pilates. Already a committed health and nutritional enthusiast, Pilates added value to her life freeing her from the inner dialogue of her past injuries. Experiencing the dramatic change within her own body Geri chose to get comprehensively trained as a Pilates teacher. Having trained at the Pilates Institute of Southern California, a Kathy Grant lineage enabled Geri to go forth and share her knowledge and experience with others. Having so many experiences and abilities Geri can relate to a diverse movement range and craft a bespoke session just for you. Along this pursuit Geri saw a need for others that is under supported. Geri sought out other certifications such as: Scolio Pilates, Healthy Aging and moving for seniors (as we are all on that path) Understanding low back pain and Trauma Informed Care as well as issues of head neck and shoulders.

Life is too short, it does not have to be limited. Schedule a session with Geri, the Jane of all Trades to start living your best self.

Fun Facts

  • Favorite Pilates Exercise: Upside down push up
  • Favorite Exercise that's not Pilates: Roller Skating and Stand Up Paddle Board
  • Favorite Travel Destination: All travel has value. I love Italy, Belgium, and England, but I feel the most at peace in South and Central America like Brazil and Costa Rica. Hawaii always has a special place in my heart.
  • Guilty Pleasure: Sleeping in until 8am on Sundays and staying in my pajamas until 1 pm
  • Home town: Native Angelino, as Randy Newman says "I love LA"
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