Kelly Morrisette is a North Carolina native and a lifelong mover with a background in classical ballet. Upon moving to NYC after college, she pursued an interest in Pilates and found that it changed her not only physically but her whole outlook on life. She spent the next decade deepening and expanding her knowledge of the practice. Receiving certification from Ellie Herman Studios, sparked a thirst for knowledge about the body and movement in general. Subsequently, participating in countless workshops and trainings with a variety of skilled practitioners from anatomists, physical therapists, and hands-on body workers has influenced her teaching. An analytic thinker, Kelly applies logic and mindfulness to her approach as a Pilates instructor. She has an intrinsic knowledge of the body and movement that allows her to explain the mind-body connection to her clients. Giving those she works with a newfound functionality by feeling stronger and empowered, is what Kelly strives to achieve with each session.

Fun facts:

  • Total math and science nerd; got her degree in pure mathematics
  • Loves to cook and bake; always trying a new recipe
  • Avid hiker outside of the Pilates studio
  • Always tries to bring humor to her sessions; laughter heals everything!
  • New to the area, so always appreciates recommendations of things to do, see, eat, experience, etc.