Laura spent 20 years in the television industry producing highly regarded programs for children and young adults. After the birth of her son, she turned her attention and energy to community based non-profit organizations. As a consummate fundraiser and teambuilder for local charities and schools in Pasadena, Laura contributed her time and talents with compassion and joy.

After 25 years of practicing yoga, Laura became a 200-hour Yoga Alliance Certified Instructor in 2021. Always looking to learn and expand her knowledge, she is working toward her 500-hour certification with the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health's Training Program in Massachusetts.

Laura discovered yoga in 1995 and fell in love with the space and focus it gave her body and mind. After back surgery, foot surgery and hip issues her daily practice began to change. Not wanting to abandon yoga altogether, she began modifying and expanding her practice to allow her maturing body to benefit from yoga without the stresses of a more physically demanding yoga class.

Laura is passionate about sharing a deliberate and mindful approach of traditional Hatha yoga and has developed a class for folks who still want the vast benefits of a practice without unnecessary wear and tear on their bodies.