Rachel Han is a pilates instructor serving clients in the community. Rachel's passion for fitness began with the discovery of competitive cheerleading, where she was a flyer and a tumbler. However, as a result of intense training, she often found herself injured and misaligned. Through pilates, she not only solved these lingering ailments but also discovered a newfound passion.

Rachel holds a BA from UC Berkeley - throughout college, she explored different ways of movement and exercise. Upon discovering the Gold Line studio, pilates became the light that brought her joy. She is constantly striving to learn and continues to deepen her knowledge in Pilates principles.

Rachel has a comprehensive certification for all Pilates apparatus. She is passionate about educating her clients to apply core Pilates principles to everyday life. The essence of movement will stay long after a session, so it is important to incorporate the proper biomechanics and functional alignment into what clients do daily.

Hearing clients say that they move with more efficiency brings her a lot of joy. This translates to more energy, less pain, improved endurance and strength, and increased sense of empowerment. In addition to working with clients, Rachel believes that doing what she loves everyday will spread positive energy.

When Rachel is not teaching or doing Pilates herself, she spends her time discovering new restaurants in the Southern California area, and welcomes learning opportunities whenever possible. Rachel's focus with her clients is to help them achieve strength and flexibility, and with sensitivity to their varying needs, she is able to guide clients of all ages and fitness levels through customized programs. Her goal is to help her clients move with confidence by learning the proper mechanics of movement and exercise.

Fun facts about Rachel:

  • Her favorite pilates exercise is the reformer feet in straps given all of the variations and its versatility!
  • She is fluent in Korean
  • We are looking forward to having you at Gold Line Pilates! For any questions, reach out directly to the studio.